Sunday, August 11, 2013

Inspiration in Unlikely Places

This week has been full of summer-time chores.  You know the kind...mowing lawns, pressure washing the house, scraping old paint and laying the foundation for new paint...the list goes on.  Needless to say, I missed posting and sharing my studio workings with you this week!  

However, I DO have something to share—something that perhaps one of you can identify for me... When visiting Pike's Place Market in Seattle, WA last November, I spotted this little gem nestled in the sidewalk.

This quote defines the moment I decided to quit my steady job and take the leap into a full time calligraphy business.  I have no regrets and as scary as the words may seem, they still fill me with hope.

 I'm always telling my husband to "look up" more often because of all the scenery he might miss.  Ha!  The lesson was mine to learn...if I hadn't have been looking down, I would have missed this altogether!

If anyone has any info about this (including the author's name—I'm having a difficult time seeing the letters between the R's and a Google search did not help), I'd love to hear from you!

Enjoy your week and I'll be back soon with another "working studio" post.
Peace & Blessings to you...  


  1. NARIHIRA (9th century)is the author's name

  2. Charles Dudley Warner quotes
    I have always known - That at last I would - Take this road, but yesterday - I did not know that it would be today.