Sunday, December 6, 2015

Calligraphy & Lettering Art for Cards: Part 2

 Cards for Kids...Using DieCuts

In my last post I focused on using stickers to embellish handmade cards for kids.
However, if you have time and access to a good die cut machine, you can get pretty creative with your designs, making your cards even more unique.

Train Die-Cut Accordion Fold Card

Stampadoodle & The Paper Cafe, my local fine paper and rubber stamp store, has an amazing selection 
of die-cuts and fabulous cardstock.  Bright colors and polk-a-dot paper seemed appropriate 
for this one-year-old's birthday card.  The window cut-outs in the train cars allowed me to add 
sticker images and a photo of the birthday boy as the engineer!

More stickers for the front with drawn lettering, and brush pen for his name on the envelope.


Chorus Line of Kids Die-Cut

Another accordion fold card, this one utilized a die-cut silhouette image of five children holding hands.

Although each panel of the accordion fold repeats the five images, I didn't want the children to look the same.  I drew the faces and hair, then my husband and I sat down to work together drawing 
and coloring the clothes on each figure.  No two are the same.

Once the kids were in place, I drew the balloons, signs, kites, presents, etc, spelling out the 
birthday message.

Finally, the Neuland lettering was added along the bottom with a calligraphy marker, and outlined 
with a fine line pen for a more playful look to these block letters.

Starting out with some great die-cuts and stickers can make the card creation process flow a little faster and easier than starting with a blank slate.

Coming up in my next post...calligraphy and hand lettering in cards for adults!